Congratulations to John Frieboes for being recognized at the School Board meeting. John has spent 43 years working for our district! WOW! Thank you John for your service!

- John Frieboes

Miss Culley

Lynette was recognized at the school board meeting for taking on fifth grade and doing a wonderful job engaging her students and creating a fun, learning environment. Thank you Lynette!

- Lynette Culley


Congratulations to our Primary Student of the Quarter Sawyer Simon. He was chosen because he is a hard worker and never gives up.

- Sawyer Simon


The intermediate Student of the Quarter is Owen Stringham. Owen came to us this school year and has done an amazing job of fitting in. He is a hard-worker and has fit in to our school perfectly.

- Owen Stringham


The middle school Student of the Quarter is Emily McCall-Edvalson.

- Emily McCall-Edvalson.


The 9/10th grade Student of the Quarter student is Jade Barajas.

- Jade Barajas


The 11/12th grade Student of the Quarter student is McKenzie Leggett.

- McKenzie Leggett